Kill Team – No Mercy


Every second Saturday Chris, Martin, Toby, Fredrik and Johan sit down to play super soldier-pretend. The game they’re playing is Deathwatch! A game set in the Grim Darkness of the Warhammer 40,000 Universe where the players are Space Marines, genetically engineered Battle Monks in the Far Future.

Brother Aleberus, Brother-Librarian Manius and Techmarine Angus form the core of Kill-Team “No Mercy”, doling out death and destruction to any and all who oppose them or the Imperium of Man. If you like Tabletop RPGs, overpowered, power-armor wearing killing machines, or just like to hear a bunch of Swedes poorly pronounce English, then this is the podcast for you!

No Mercy does not, in fact, get its name from their tireless persecution of the vile Xenos, but rather their complete lack of any and all medical expertise and the crazy hijinks that this results in. In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, be sure to get your tetanus shots!

If you’re new to Warhammer 40k or are just thirsting for some more 75% correct fluff-talk, head on over to Swede Rolls where not one, but TWO episodes discuss the setting and the Imperium of Man.

The Kill-Team

Brother Angus

Brother Angus heirs from the Storm Wardens, the chapter created by Fantasy Flight Games for the Deathwatch RPG. While their origin remains a mystery, these vaguely celtic Space Marines are known for their focus on vehicles, giant claymores and honor! And not necessarily in that order! The chapter enjoys painting their faces with woad, travelling through time and space and denying any and all rumors that they are successors to the traitorous World Eaters.

Seriously, white and blue are not uncommon colors amongst the Adeptus Astartes.

Brother Angus is a Techmarine, meaning he knows how to work machinery and technology, having been trained by the Techpriests of the Adeptus Mechanicus. What this means in practice is that he knows how to manually restart a computer! He also has a giant (mechanical) arm attached to his back which may or may not have a bit of a mind of its own. Angus also has a mysterious past which he has not yet divulged any information about!

Brother Aleberus

A member of the Crimson Fists, brother Aleberus exemplifies the Stoic (and Scornful) nature of this Imperial Fists successor chapter. The Crimson Fists lost many of their best in the battles of Rynn, their homeworld, and Aleberus was one of the few survivors. Left with a deep-seated hatred for orcs, and perhaps a bit too much experience with a flamer, Aleberus remains a man of few words, choosing instead to let the Prometheum do the talking.

Brother Aleberus is a tactical marine, meaning that he has been trained in all forms of combat. A tactical marine is, as the name applies, an adeptus astartes capable of adapting to most any tactical situation and therefore serves as a well-rounded addition to Kill-Team “No Mercy”.

Brother-Librarian Manius

Manius is an Ultramarine; a chapter that is one of the most stringent believers in the superiority of the Codex Astartes; the organizational groundworks laid down by their founder and primarch, Roboute Guilliam, thousands of years ago. Belonging to one of the original chapters, Manius carries the burden of representing ten thousand years of honored tradition and valor, as well as being the posterboys of Space Marines. Surely there’s no resentment amongst the other chapters for the over-saturation of Ultramarines in Games Workshop’s advertisements and artwork. We may be breaking fourth walls here, but if Swede Rollers is about anything, it’s about breaking things.

Manius is a Librarian, which is essentially a Space Marine who can also manipulate things with his mind’s psychic power. In practice this means he can shoot force lightning and also make blood come out of the walls. A Librarian is harshly trained to resist the pull of the Warp’s insidious, corrupting powers, but as any and all who have played Dawn of War knows, this means jack shit if there’s a juicy enough price at stake. Manius enjoys praying, reading up on tactics and gently and politely prodding his team-mates about how much better they all could be if they just listened to him. Classic Ultramarine!

The Story So Far

Final Sanction

-=-Session 0-=-
It is the 41st millenium. Stationed in Watch Fortress Erioch, the newly formed Kill-Team No Mercy are interrupted in their training session by a summons from Watch Commander Snow, the Salamander veteran who, up until now, has remained an elusive figure for the Battle Brothers.

It would seem that an inquisitor by the name of Manchot has gone missing while investigating possible gene stealer cults on the Agriworld of Avalos, a planet that is also showing signs of civil unrest. Inquisitor of the Chamber Ottenskjöld inform No Mercy that their mission is to investigate the status of the inquisitor and, should they encounter resistance, whether it be human or xeno, they are to show no restraint in exterminating it.

The three pick up transportation with the Sword Class Frigate Valiant Agony, welcomed by Captain Panacco who is a very, very busy man. The trip through the Immaterium is relatively uneventful, but as the ship escapes the Warp close to the Avalos system, they are assaulted by vanguard Tyranid forces from the Hive Fleet Dagon. In a most dramatic turn of events, No Mercy have to fight their way through boarding forces and depart for the planet below, leaving the doomed Valiant Agony and her captain behind. Mere moments after their departur, the Valiant Agony explodes, taking its crew, as well as the two Xeno ships, with it.

-=-Session 1-=-
With the recent event fresh in mind, No Mercy crash into a recently abandoned chapel. Picking their way out of the debris they hear combat outside and after some brief consideration they investigate, only to find a grisly scene.

A small group of PDF, Planetary Defense Forces, are assaulted by the rabid masses of the local population. Lead by a single major, and with the bodies of the fallen littering the ground around them, the entrenched soldiers fight tooth and nail in a last stand that they have no hope of winning.  At least, not without the aid of the Deathwatch.

With years of combat training kicking in, the three know exactly what to do. In short order they perform a shock & awe assault, wielding flamers spouting mighty prometheum at the traitors, and delivering explosive, incendiery ordinancy into their midst. With such a concentrated and lethal attack performed by the Emperor’s Angels of Death, it does not take long for the rabid horde to lose momentum and break.

No mercy for traitors!

After a relatively short fight, No Mercy regroups with the present CO of the PDF, Major Ascote, who blesses them for their timely intervention. Taking them aside, Ascote reveals himself, no, herself, to be a Callidus Assassin by the name of CherryCherry was ordered by Inquisitor Manchot to take command of the local PDF as the Lord-Governor of the planet proved too incompetent to muster any real resistance against the rebels.

Cherry provides the Battle-brothers of No Mercy with a map of the city as well as vital information regarding their current objective. If Avalos is to survive the night, it requires the aid of the Deathwatch. It is of utter importance that Watch Commander Snow is made aware of the current situation as well, thus the first order of business is to seek entrance to the Lord-Governor’s manor and, through there, to tower of the Astropath Bailey.

A Map of Avalos City (previously known as Lordsholm/Landsholm, Imperial Archives remain split on the naming convention.

-=-Session 2-=-
Before departing towards the Lord-Governor’s manor, Kill-Team No Mercy set their sights on the city’s PDF Base, hoping to acquire proper transportation to hasten their travel through the besieged city. They are, however, met with a situation that requires their immediate action.

Traitorous rebels lay siege to the massive, fortified walls of the Base, employing gigantic siege cannons in an attempt to breach the gates and slaughter the soldiers inside. Manius, Aleberus and Angus immediately set to work clearing out the rabble. During the fighting, brother Aleberus finds himself wounded yet fights on as if possessed, cleansing the wicked with his trusted flamer.

When the fighting subsides, the three are let into the base and given the full authority and access to the PDF’s resources. After lecturing the officer in the art of fortification, and intimidating the surviving soldiers into shape, No Mercy sets out in a Chimera (piloted by a brash young recruit named Laddeus) towards the Thorsholt Manor.

Upon their arrival, the three sense that something may be amiss. Entering the fortress with their safeties off, it is not long before the Battle-Brothers are beset by Genestealers waiting in the rafters.