Here’s where you can find answers to some of the more common questions we get asked… Okay, no one’s actually asked us anything yet, but here’s where you can find the answers to hypothetical questions that may or may not manifest in your head… well, they already did since you read them here, so it’s as if you asked these questions in the future, we predicted it, and put into motions the mechanisms that would inspire these questions in the first place.


Q: Wait, you guys are Swedish?

A: Indeed we are! Toby and Chris both live in the Stockholm area and our guests, unless specified otherwise, live in Sweden.


Q: So… then… why do you record in English?

A: Funny thing, that. English is neither of our mother tongues, but we’ve been recording for our Let’s Play channel for over two years now so it sometimes feels like it is. A lot of the games we play are in English too, so it’s just easier to just speak that language instead so you get the terms right and don’t have to “Swede” them. But mostly it’s because we want this to be accessible to as many people as possible. English might not be spoken by the most people in the world, but it sure is spoken in the most countries.


Q: How often will you be making new podcasts?

A: We record about once a month in chunks of four (that’s the plan anyway). The idea is that you’ll have a smoking hot new pod every sunday of the month for you to listen to and enjoy while you’re having your (depending on time zone) morning/evening cup o’ joe.


Q: Who are the people that guest your podcast?

A: Generally friends, loved ones or stray weirdos we picked up hanging by the metro. Seriously though, since we’ve been roleplaying for a total of over 30 years, we’ve built up quite a network of fellow gamers who we know will provide insightful and interesting commentary on the topics we’re discussing.


Q: Why haven’t you talked about <topic> yet?

A: Well, we’ve just started out so naturally we haven’t covered that many topics yet. And since our pod is limited to about 30 minutes or so per episode, we can’t talk about all that we find interesting. If there’s something we got wrong, missed or you want to hear more about, let us know!


Q: I don’t agree with your opinion on <topic>!

A: Good. The world would suck if everyone had the same opinion. If we offended you, do let us know though. It’s hard not to make mistakes, but easy to apologize and do better, so do let us know if we’re doing something not cool.


Q: Why Swede Rolls?

A: It’s a pun and we needed a name. That, and we’re connected to Swede Fighters, our Youtube channel, so it seemed too good of an opportunity to pass up.


Q: You’re talking a lot about Swedish RPGs. Where can I learn more about them?

A: Unfortunately most of the RPGs made in Sweden don’t make it outside our borders. It’s a sad fact. But hey! It’s a great motivator to learn our stupidly idiosyncratic language.


Q: Your episodes sound edited.

A: They are! Usually we try not to cut too much, but we have to sometimes. Our conversations just get THAT interesting.


Q: What equipment do you use for recording?

A: I’ll let Toby answer that one.


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