D&D – Scourging of Stonehammer #4


Oh we’re in for it now folks!

With the undead miners dealt with, our quartet of daring do-gooders face the unknown as they head through the strange, smooth door cut into the wall of the tunnel.

What evil awaits them in this end of our first arc? Will they be triumphant in stopping the heinous forces creating Twice-deads, or will they join the ranks of the ghoulish undead? Check to find out!

If you want to watch us live, join us every second Thursday on https://twitch.tv/swedefighters at 6 PM CEST (4 PM GMT).

If you have any thoughts or questions, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a message on any of our social media platforms (except maybe not FaceBook, that page’s kinda dead) and we’ll answer as soon as we can.

Download the episode here!

Keep rolling!

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Come shoot the shit! Have fun! Do some memes!

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