Swede Rolls 24 – Breaking Comfort

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Salutations dear listeners!


This week we go back to an old chestnut; roleplaying difficult subjects. Chris and Martin discuss how to tackle mature, and uncomfortable, content in your game. Topics include sex work, physical and mental abuse and the like. These elements can add drama and tension to your game if handled in a mature way, but could (and should) also easily be avoided if you’re not comfortable playing stuff like that.

Keep in mind that roleplaying is supposed to be an experience that -gives- you something. If you play a game and it makes you feel bad, bring it up with your GM.

But if you’d like to explore these things, for whatever reason, Martin and Chris have some advice for you how to keep it objective and how to decompress about it. As always, a well-functioning group should be able to openly decide together if this is something for them, or not.

Keep rolling!

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