D&D – Scourging of Stonehammer #2

Salutations dear viewers!

Another week, another Dungeons and Dragons adventure. Join us again as our bold adventurers set out to reclaim a debt unpaid and discover that things are perhaps not as idyllic as they may have been lead to believe.

Join Astra the Tiefling Wizard, Getherin the Dragonborn Fighter, Alder the Gnome Rogue and Unger the Gnome Cleric as they set out to right wrongs, left rights, and desperately lift puppies to reach new peaks of buffness.

For returning visitors, we’ve finally figured out how to make the sound not be shit so enjoy a full session without any incessant clicks and whistles, for once!

Also, big props to darren-curtis on Soundcloud and to tabletopaudio.com for supplying free to use music. This is not a commercial work hence why we’re using their stuff. If you’re playing DnD, or any other fantasy RPG, I strongly suggest checking out their music!

If you want to watch us live, join us every second Thursday on https://twitch.tv/swedefighters at 6 PM CEST (4 PM GMT).

Linda is playing Astra, the Tiefling Wizard

Daniel is playing Unger, the Gnome Cleric

Toby is playing Alder, the Gnome Ro, eherm, Accountant

David is playing Getherin, the Dragonborn Fighter

Chris is the DM.

If you have any thoughts or opinions, we’d love to hear from you.

Download the episode here!

Keep rolling!

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Come shoot the shit! Have fun! Do some memes!

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