Final Sanction 6 – Ends & Beginnings – Swede Rollers

In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, There Is Only War.

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In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, There Is Only War.

Having sent their message, the Space Marines of the Deathwatch pursue their prey into the sewers of Avalos.

Despite their wounds, the three Astartes show neither fear nor reservation in their hunt and soon come upon a threat that may just be too much, even for them. With the aid of Techpriest Idran, they may perhaps stand a chance, but will brother Manius, brother Angus and brother Aleberus come out alive, or will the genestealer threat overcome even these perfect warriors?

Join us for the sixth episode of the Deathwatch RPG Actual Play with music by

As usual, if you have any comments or criticism, we’d love to hear from you!

Brother Aleberos of the Crimson Fists is played by Fredrik.

Brother Manius of the Ultra Marines is played by Johan.

Brother Angus of the Storm Wardens is played by Toby.

As usual, the music from this episode is by Sybrid Music. Check out his awesome stuff on YouTube or on

The Deathwatch RPG, Warhammer 40k and all related content is copyright Games Workshop.

If you want to be an NPC in our campaign, let us know over twitter using the hashtag #swederolling. We figured #jointhefray was just a teeny bit too generic for our taste, so we picked something more akin to what we do.

Hope you enjoy today’s episode of Swede Rollers’ Deathwatch RPG Actual Play, and keep rolling!

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One comment

  1. Hey guys! Good work again!

    I personally loved the synthetic voice and the background music. I find ambient sound and low background music much more functional than sound effects when running my game.

    You are all absolutely right. playing Deathwatch is jumping into the system at the deep end. Dark Heresy is a paddling pool in comparison! Only War and Rogue Trader are a nice middle ground. However, Deathwatch is the most fun!!!

    It’s also worth noting that Final Sanction is made as a one-shot, and not everyone is expected to survive! I didn’t put my players up against geenstealers until they were rank 3. of course I used the full stats from Mark of the Xenos, which are tougher than the one’s here. In Mark of the Xenos they get 4 attacks per turn!

    Some more tips for keeping marines alive:
    – All marines have True Grit which mean they half their critical damage, rounding up. So when Manius took 5 critical damage, true grit should have made that 3.
    – Having 3 critical wounds does not mean 3 rolls on the crit chart. It means you look up what 3 on the crit chart does and apply that. If later he takes another 3 wounds (after adjustment for True Grit, etc) he would then have -6 and you look up what 6 does on the chart.

    The rule of thumb that I keep in the back of my mind is that if a marine is at 0 wound and I hit him with something that does 20 pen 0, he’ll survive. Here’s the math:
    Armour 10 chest 8 everywhere else : So assume 8
    Average Toughness bonus 8
    so that’s 20 – 16 = 4
    4 critical damage halved for True grit = -2 wounds
    2 on all the crit charts might knock a marine prone or make them loose a half action, maybe damage some armour.


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