Final Sanction 5 – Threats & Transmission – Swede Rollers

In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, There Is Only War.

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In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, There Is Only War.

As the dust from the genestealer slaughter settles, the three warriors, Brother Angust, Brother Manius and Brother Aleberos waste little time as they pursue their goal; the safeguarding of one of the Imperium’s valuable Agriworlds. The bumbling lord Thorsholt has no idea of what is coming, and if the Tyranid forces cannot be stopped, then the Achilus Crusade, already beset by misfortune, may well fall to the forces of Darkness.

The situation on the planet is dire enough that urgent reinforcement is needed and together these Deathwatch troopers seek out the Astropath to deliver the portent of this planet’s impending doom. One can only hope that with the message sent, it will arrive before it is too late.

But there is tension boiling between the three; Angus left Manius and Aleberos behind to pursue their target, yet as he left the fight turned to worse and Manius lost an arm. Will they be able to look past this, or will this small crack in their trust become the rift that tears Kill Team No Mercy apart?

Listen and find out.

Brother Aleberos of the Crimson Fists is played by Fredrik.

Brother Manius of the Ultra Marines is played by Johan.

Brother Angus of the Storm Wardens is played by Toby.

As usual, the music from this episode is by Sybrid Music. Check out his awesome stuff on YouTube or on

The Deathwatch RPG, Warhammer 40k and all related content is copyright Games Workshop.

If you want to be an NPC in our campaign, let us know over twitter using the hashtag #swederolling. We figured #jointhefray was just a teeny bit too generic for our taste, so we picked something more akin to what we do.

Hope you enjoy today’s episode of Swede Rollers’ Deathwatch RPG Actual Play, and keep rolling!

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  1. Good stuff again!

    Feel free to email me if you have any nigly rules questions. I spend a lot of time while listening tying to stop myself from saying “that’s not how it works!” but as I said in my youtube comment, “if you guys enjoy yourself then you’re doing it right”. You certanly seem to be doing that, and it’s a great listen.

    Are you going to continue playing deathwatch even while running D&D? If so are you aware of the follow up scenario to Final Sanction – Oblivion’s Edge:


    • Hi! Thanks for your constant support, it’s great seeing someone who’s played this game a lot give us feedback… you’re going to hate next episode though 🙂 Just saying.

      The problem is that a lot of times we try not to break the flow of the game by looking up rules, even though technically we can look them up and then cut it from the recording. Our #1 goal is to have fun and be entertaining, so a lot of times we sacrifice fidelity to the rules in favor of pacing. We’re definitely learning as we go and we’re going to keep playing Deathwatch until the players get tired of it (which is hopefully never :P). We’re planning on running a “version” of Oblivion’s Edge but we’re going to go further away from the premades as we go along because it’s much easier to plan things along if you’re the one behind the reigns, I feel.



      • I never stopped the game to look up rules, but I had the advantage of running Play by Post before I moved to real life. I still didn’t know everything. In the case where I didn’t know I just made it up on the fly based on what I thought it might be, then looked all the things I wasn’t sure about up between games. I came back and explained what I (I used the word “we” of course) did wrong at the start of each game, and said we would follow that rule going forward.

        The fact that I play multiple 40K RPGs and they are all subtily different, means I’m sure I’d make mistakes still today! Does charging give you a +10 or +20… Is Full-auto +20 or -10… Is it a half or full action… How do vehicles work… Dear lord how do vehicles work?!


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