Final Sanction 3 – Blood & Tears – Swede Rollers

We’re at episode 3 and this is where things really start getting heated up!

Download the episode here.

Choosing a direction, Kill Team No Mercy head towards the PDF Base, minds set on acquiring a vehicle to expediate their traveling around the city of Avalos. Brother Angus contemplates a career as the Kool-Aid mascot, Brother Manius suffers from Carnifex PTSD and Brother Aleberos stays frosty. As always.

But when they arrive at the PDF Fortress, they’re met by a siege. Will they be able to break it and free the besieged forces of the planet, and will they be able to find more clues about what corrupting influence has brought the people of this world from the Emperor’s light?

Time is precious for these three Deathwatch Space Marines as they have to plan their course of action carefully. Will they prioritize finding Inquisitor Manchot, or will they attempt to save Avalos before it can sink even further into chaos and rebellion?

With the Tyranid threat as near and imminent as it seems, it is a race against the clock to save what can be saved and to abandon everything else. In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there is Only War!

The Rule Talk continues (somewhat) in the thrilling conclusion of the first recording session. Having found their bearings, Toby, Johan and Fredrik devise a plan of procedure in order to achieve their objective.

If you want to be a named NPC in our game (survival unfortunately not guaranteed), just tweet at @Swedefighters with the hashtag #jointhefray, or let us know through any of our social media accounts, or even on our Discord channel!

Space Marines, Deathwatch, etc. are trademarks of Games Workshop.

Finally, once again a shoutout to Sybrid Music for letting us use his amazing music. Go check him out on


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