Swede Rolls 13 – Can RPGs make you a Better Person?

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In this week’s podcast, we sort of continue on last week’s topic, but also veer a bit in on the personal side.

You’ve all heard us talk about how RPGs have made us more able to talk in front of crowds, to improvise and countless other lateral skills, but what exactly is it improving? And how?

And how can you improve even more? We delve into the realm of playing outside of your comfort zone, of taking on characteristics that are bad in a controlled environment.

In many ways roleplaying can be like theatre; it explores persons and personalities that you find abhorrent. Of course, it doesn’t have to be just that, it allows you to step into the life of someone you’re not, good or bad, and make decisions that in real life would carry much bigger repercussions.

So what’re you waiting for? Give it a listen and see for yourself if you agree with us!

Keep rolling!

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Come shoot the shit! Have fun! Do some memes!

And as usual, thanks to the Scouts of Sweden for letting us use their offices for our recordings!

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