Final Sanction 2 – Shock & Awe – Swede Rollers

Episode 1(2?) kicks off with Brother Manius, Brother Aleberos and Brother Angus getting into the thick of it. Rebel Forces are rising up against the just and fair Imperial forces and it is up to our stalwart Battle-Brothers to show them the errors of their way through liberal application of Holy Prometheum.

But once the dust settles, the questions arise. Who’s actually leading the PDF on Avalos and where is the Lord-Governor? And what of Inquisitor Manchot and her retinue? …And why hasn’t the Astropath Bailey sent out a distress signal?

With the Tyranid threat as near and imminent as it seems, it is a race against the clock to save what can be saved and to abandon everything else. In the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, there is Only War!

Download the pod here!

You guys requested more ruletalk and here it is! The previous session was just narration and now we get into the thick of it. With just the slightest bit of fudging from the GM to keep things rolling smoothly there’ll be plenty of dice rolling and (cut out) rule look-uping.

Massive shoutouts to /u/jareddm on the 40kRPG subreddit for providing us with the top-down map of Lordholm (renamed Avalos City for REASONS) and to the whole dang subreddit for being awesome!

If you want to be a named NPC in our game (survival unfortunately not guaranteed), just tweet at @Swedefighters with the hashtag #jointhefray, or let us know through any of our social media accounts, or even on our Discord channel! Perhaps you’ll be the one to join Cherry and Pannaco in the Deathwatch Annals!

Space Marines, Deathwatch, etc. are trademarks of Games Workshop.

Finally, once again a shoutout to Sybrid Music for letting us use his amazing music. Go check him out on

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