Final Sanction 1 – Prologue & Planetfall – Swede Rollers

Welcome to the First ever Swede Rollers podcast!

In this, our premiere episode, we’re introduced to Battle-brothers Aleberos of the Crimson Fists, Techmarine Angus of the Storm Wardens and Brother-Librarian Manius of the Ultramarines.

Together they form Kill Team No Mercy, recklessly abandoning first aid and medicine for more dakka! Did you catch that reference?

Download the pod here

Join our brave Space Marines as they journey to the planet of Avalos where reports speak of armed uprisings and a threat of dark and vile xenos masterminding it. Armed with bigger guns than any man should rightly wield, our heroes set out to eradicate both traitors and xenos alike, all without mercy and in the name of the holy God-Emperor himself.

…But first they need to get there! Will our stalwart Astartes survive a trip through the Warp, the Immaterium likened unto Hell, and the ensuing surprise attack sprung upon them? Listen… and find out!

Chris is the GM, Johan plays Manius, Fredrik is Aleberus and Toby is Angus. Martin provides some extra voice work and you, our dear listener, is of course the most important player in this week’s episode of Swede Rollers!

Swede Rollers is a bi-weekly podcast where we sit down and actually roleplay. In difference to Swede Rolls, which is about roleplaying, Swede Rollers is all about having some good old fun while entertaining you, the listener.

Since we’re just starting out, any feedback we can get is greatly appreciated. Please subscribe to us on iTunes and leave a review and a rating, as this goes a long way to keep us going.

If you want to be an NPC in our show, just tweet #JoinTheFray at @Swedefighters or join our Discord channel

The music from this episode is Rise to Conquer by Sybrid. Check out his music on Spotify, or here on YouTube or

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