Deathwatch approaches!

Salutations faithful listeners!

As some of you may know, we here at Swede Rolls have decided to take the big, big step into podcasting Actual Play RPG sessions (what do you even call those!?), starting out with the bombastic and over-the-top RPG Deathwatch by FFG (copyright Games Workshop).

Deathwatch, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is essential Special Ops. Space Marines. Space Marines, for those of you who are unfamiliar, are genetically modified human murdermachines created for the sole purpose of kicking ass as Warrior-Monks of the distant future.


While the guys (Toby, Fredrik and Johan) are busy making characters, I (Chris) am busy trying to not freak the fuck out as I will be GMing a game I have only ever played, and lazily at that.

But it should be fine. The rulesystem for Deathwatch isn’t overly complicated, and with us being us, we’ll put much more emphasis on the story than the rules.

We’re scheduled to launch our first Actual Play Pod next Saturday. That is, the sixth of May. Each episode will be roughly an hour long and they will be, at least initially, released every second week. Editing will be done by yours truly, and we’ve already got a plethora of awesome peeps who will be showing up, in name, as NPCs in our campaign already.

Oh yeah! That’s a thing!

If you want to be mentioned in the Podcast, there’s a few nifty ways that you can do that. Most easily, you can simply tweet at us (@swedefighters) with the hashtag #JoinTheFray. If you do that (and add whatever name you want us to use), we’ll work you into the story somehow.

Be warned, however, that we’re rapidly running out of NPCs that are planned to stay alive (any stray bolter-rounds nonwithstanding), so chances are that you may become cannon/tyranidfodder.

But if that’s your thing, then hit us up on twitter, or join our Discord server, and we’ll get you in the game!

Peace out!


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