Two sessions later…

The ides of March are past us and we’re storming on into April. We’ve already recorded our second time and you’ll be hearing those episodes during the next four weeks ahead.

In the short time we’ve been running this pod, the response has been tremendous; many old friends have gotten in touch to mention listening to our pod, and there’s a great feeling of “This is relevant. This is fun to listen to.” I’m very happy, thankful and proud to be able to do this podcast. Without Toby, the tireless audiophile/perfectionist and our amazing guests, this would have still been a pipe dream.

We’ve learned some hard lessons too. For example, it’s much harder to stay on topic than we thought! And sometimes, if your subject matter isn’t too well-defined, you end up covering such a broad spectrum of things that it feels like you’ve just dipped your toe into a vast, big ocean.

Hopefully we’ll continue having guests who will share with us their personal experiences and thoughts about roleplaying as a medium and if you feel like you’d want to contribute, don’t wait to get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

Keep rolling!

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